Saturday, May 10, 2014

Post movie blues... Part 4

We've been pretty caught up in the hype about Divergent, the latest YA novel to be adapted for the big screen. BUT, this got us thinking.... Once the hype has died down and all the books in the series have been read in preparation for the future movies, what to do? We've done some posts offering advice on other YA books to be adapted to movies, and - here's an old fashioned idea - other series you could read!

Now we're onto Part 4 - the final post for our 'Post movie blues', and the final genre of excellent books!

What's that? Did I hear you say Steampunk? You might think Steampunk is not for you, but don't be afraid peeps, we've got some goodies for you...

  • The Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. Ah Scott, we simply can't get enough of your books! This absolutely fantastic series gives us an alternate version of the First World War where the German Central Powers (aka Clankers) and the British Entente Powers (aka Darwinists) do battle using robots and genetically engineered beasts. Brilliant! Yep, we've done a review of Book 1 and Book 2!
  • The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress. Whether this becomes a series is yet to be seen, but the book, set in Victorian London, is a great little introduction to the Steampunk genre and packed with girl-power! Check it out with this review!
  • The Finishing School series by Gail Carriger. This steam-punk series is about girls attending a posh finishing school where they learn to curtsy, dance, pour tea, and also kill, maim and spy. Cool!
  • The Extraordinaires series by Michael Pryor. An Aussie and an extremely experienced and prolific author, Pryor takes us back to 1908 London with this fantasy / hint-of-steampunk adventure series. Find the review of the first book here.

Happy reading! Don't forget, if you can't find the hardcopy on the shelves, check our ebook collection. Just click the link below!

Caitlin @ Balwyn Library.

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