Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When we wake by Karen Healey

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction

If you are interested in a dystopian novel which is different from the rest you will love When we wake by Karen Healey. It starts in Melbourne in the year 2027, with 16 year old Tegan Oglietti heading to a climate change protest on the steps of Parliament house with her best friend and new boyfriend Dalmar. But her day doesn’t go to plan, and she is shot by a sniper. 100 years later Tegan wakes in a government facility to find out that she is the first person to be revived from a cryogenically frozen state. Now an instant celebrity, Tegan finds that she is part of a government program to bring soldiers and casualties of war back to life. But the world she now lives in is very different from the one she came from, and as appalling government secrets come to light, she must make a choice on how she will survive in this future world. 

Caroline @ Kew Library.

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