Monday, June 1, 2009

Booklist: About The Boys

All of these books are on our "About The Boys" booklist. If we've missed your favourite, please let us know! Better still, if we listed your favourite, why don't you let us know what you thought? Submit a review here.


Colfer, Eoin - Artemis Fowl (s)
D’Ath, Justin - Extreme adventures (s)
Fleming, Ian - James Bond (s)
Horowitz, Anthony - Alex Rider (s)
McNab, Andy - Boy soldier (s)
McSkimming, Geoffrey - Cairo Jim (s)
Muchamore, Robert Cherub (s)
Panckridge, Michael - The curse
Parker, Michael - Doppelganger
Reilly, Matthew - Ice station
Ryan, Chris - Alpha force (s)
Shan, Darren - The saga of Darren Shan (s)


Carmody, Isobel - Obernewytn chronicles (s)
Flannagan, John - Ranger’s apprentice (s)
Funke, Cornelia - Dragon rider
Gliori, Debi - Pure dead (s)
Jacques, Brian - Redwall (s)
Jinks, Catherine - Evil genius
Nix, Garth - Keys to the kingdom (s)
Paolini, Christopher - Inheritance (s)
Pratchett, Terry - Discworld (s)
Pryor, Michael - Laws of magic (s), The doorways trilogy (s)
Pullman, Philip - His dark materials (s)
Rodda, Emily - Deltora quest (s)
Snicket, Lemony - A series of unfortunate events (s)
Stroud, Jonathan - Bartimaeus trilogy (s)
Tolkein, J.R.R. - Lord of the rings (s)
Various authors - Quentaris (s)


Arena, Felice - Specky Magee (s)
Caisley, Raewyn - Not cricket
Coleman, Michael - Angels FC (s)
Gwynne, Philip - Deadly, unna?
Henderson, Don - Half the battle
Jones, V.M - Buddy
Le, Hung - Barry Noodles and DaKillerBs
McFarlane, Peter - More than a game
Panckridge, Michael - The legends (s), Toby Jones (s)
Starke, Ruth - Nips XI, Nips go national
Winton, Tim - Lockie Leonard (s), Wisden cricketers’ almanack


Daddo, Andrew - Muffin top
D’Ath, Justin - Why did the Chykkan cross the galaxy
Earls, Nick - 48 shades of brown
Gleitzman, Morris - Doubting Thomas, Various other titles
Goscinny, Rene - Nicholas again
Griffiths, Andy - Just tricking, Various other titles
Jennings, Paul - Uncanny!, Various other titles
Larkin, John - Lasagne brain
Macleod, Doug - Kevin the troll
Newton, Robert - The Punjabi Pappadum, Saturday morning, Mozart and burnt toast


Crew, Gary - Edward Britton
Laguna, Sophie - Bird & sugar boy
Newton, Robert - Runner

(s) = Series
Titles span the junior, teen and adult collections. Please check the catalogue for call numbers and availability.

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