Monday, May 12, 2014

The School for Good and Evil (School for Good and Evil #1) by Soman Chainani; illustrations by Iacopo Bruno

Every four years for as long as can be remembered, two children go missing. Nobody knows what is going on until the faces of lost children start appearing in books of fairytales, mysteriously provided courtesy of the School for Good and Evil.

While most of the children are terrified at the prospect of being taken, Sophie wishes for it. She longs to be a Princess at the School for Good.  She spends hours on her appearance and schemes to commit good deeds all the while dreaming of her happily ever after complete with Prince and talking animals. Her friend, Agatha, doesn’t believe in fairytales, lives near a grave yard and dresses all in black.

The night of the kidnapping looms. Sophie is excited and Agatha while not worried about her own safety becomes consumed with fear over Sophie’s potential kidnapping. So when Agatha tries to save Sophie from being kidnapped, she ends up getting taken as well. Whisked far away from their home, they are both terrified by the time they reach the school. Agatha to the School for Good and Sophie to the School for Evil.

Convinced that they have been put into the wrong Schools, they go about trying to swap and when that fails to escape the school and return home. On their way to freedom both have to contend with their worst nightmares, which for Agatha involves a pink uniform and for Sophie the application of facial warts.

Their friendship goes through many challenges as they settle into their respective schools and start learning about their possible futures. Will their friendship endure or will they follow their fairy tale determined fate, for as never before have good and evil been friends.

Perfect for fans of fairy tales, especially fractured ones and school stories.

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