Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Princess of Egypt: an Egyptian girl’s diary 1490 BC. (My Story), Vince Cross

Princess of Egypt : An Egyptian Girl's Diary 1490 BCEver dreamt of being born a royal princess instead of a teenager living in Melbourne? Dream no more - step into the fabulously charmed life of Asha, the daughter of King Tuthmosis in the royal city of Thebes. Asha had everything - money, beauty, servants.  All this was to change when a prophecy foretold that a young woman would prove to be the best “man” in the Two Kingdoms. Hold your breath as Asha’s world spirals into a whirlwind of treason, intrigue, treachery and danger. What will happen to her as she struggles through the land of mummies, harems, poisons and plots? Hold your breath and cross your fingers as Asha’s story races along, full of adventure and suspense - you won’t be able to put it down!

There are plenty more titles in this series.

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