Monday, July 28, 2014

Eleanor & Park - by Rainbow Rowell

If you are a fan of John Green's Looking for Alaska and The fault in our stars you will love this gem by Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor and Park meet on the bus to school when Eleanor is a new student at Park's school. The bus is a minefield where everyone has a set spot to sit in the bus pecking order. Park is the only one who will let Eleanor sit down. Both Park and Eleanor are on the outer as far as friends and inclusion in groups goes. After initially ignoring her, Park begins to interact with her via the graphic comics he reads. He starts to lend the comics to her and this then graduates to them talking, sharing music and headphones on the bus. A tentative relationship develops between them. However where Park's family is caring and supportive, Eleanor is living with her 4 siblings her mother and her stepfather. Her stepfather is abusive and a drunk. Eleanor begins to spend time at Park's house, hiding the relationship from her mother and stepfather, for fear of what he will do if he finds out. Someone has been writing obscene and disturbing words on Eleanor's books when she realises who this is Eleanor must make the tough decision to leave. Sad and uplifting in equal measure this is a great read.

Rita @ Hawthorn Library. 

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