Monday, April 14, 2014

Post movie blues... Part 1

Woah, Divergent has finally reached our screens and I cannot wait to finally see it! I'm hoping it's as good as the books and that the cast does justice the the world and plot I've immersed myself in for the three books in the series. BUT, whilst I loved reading the trilogy over many weeks, a movie only lasts for a couple of hours. How will we overcome the post movie blues?

Keep an eye out for a few posts giving you some ideas to get you through this challenging time....

Idea no.1! Get excited about the other YA movies due out in 2014!! Here's a list to get you going...
  • The Fault in our Stars. Can't wait!! Watch the trailer here.
  • The giver ( a book by Louis Lowry). Here's the trailer...
  • Maze Runner. This looks great! Trailer here.
  • Mockingjay. Guaranteed to be as good as the first two movies! No trailer yet....
  • The Hobbit.  Part three! (Yes, I don't know how such a short story was made into a trilogy either, but at least we get to enjoy Peter Jackson's movie making brilliance one more time!) There's no trailer yet, but the official website is pretty cool.
  • If I Stay. Based on a YA novel of the same name by Gayle Forman.
  • Trash based on the novel by Andy Mulligan. 
Happy viewing!

Caitlin @ Balwyn.

What now?

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