Friday, September 25, 2015

Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper

Little Hawk is a Pokanoket boy who must go into the wilderness and survive alone for three long winter months, to complete his initiation into the tribe.  He is eleven years old and is allowed to take only some very basic implements.  The thought of his family and everything he holds dear helps him to cope with the many challenges he faces.  But when he returns home he finds that the village has suffered a shocking blow from the white man’s disease, and he is alone again.  As he grows to accept his loss and rebuild his life in a new village community, Little Hawk finds himself curious about the foreigners and befriends a young British boy called John.  The bond between the boys, which grows in spite of the animosity and suspicion between their two peoples, is heartwarming.  But can it survive the biggest challenge of all?

Review by Philippa @ Balwyn

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