Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REVIEWbyU: 'Wake' (The Watersong Series #1) by Amanda Hocking

Reviewer: Laura

Amanda hocking’s Wake is the first instalment of the Watersong series that centres around 16 year old Gemma. This paranormal novel is refreshingly different from others in the same genre as it stars Sirens rather than vampires.

When three beautiful sirens arrive in Gemma’s town mysterious things start to happen. Gemma, a budding swimmer along with her bossy older sister Harper, and a few friends become aware that the “pretty girls” are up to no good, although they have no idea that their ultimate goal is to turn Gemma into a siren too.

Wake is an engaging read, albeit poorly written. Hocking has put together a novel that is enjoyable, and can be recommended to anyone who favours supernatural teen fiction.

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