Monday, January 5, 2015

'Death Spiral' (A Faith Flores Science Mystery) by Janie Chodosh

Faith Flores has moved in with her Aunt, just started at a new school and tentatively started making friends after her Mother is found dead from a suspected drug overdose. Faith is unable to accept her mum's cause of death, despite everyone else accepting the police findings, especially when she discovers that both her mother and another neighbourhood woman, Melinda were taking part in an experimental clinical trial that was testing a drug that enabled junkies to overcome their addiction. When Melinda is also found dead - from an apparent overdose - Faith digs deeper and starts to unravel the lies but in doing so finds herself, and her new friends, in danger. 

If you can look past an uninspiring cover - you’ll find a great murder mystery and a solid start to a new series.

Sharni @ Balwyn Library.

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