Thursday, November 20, 2014

Smart by Kim Slater

This book deals with domestic violence and living with Asperger’s syndrome.

Kieran Woods is in Year 9 and doesn’t fit in. Kids at school call him names because he has a teachers aid. His best friend is a homeless woman who spends time near the river in the housing estate where Kieran lives. He’s a talented artist who can draw from memory, which comes in handy when a homeless man’s body is pulled out of the river. Believing the cries of ‘MURDER’ from his friend, Jean and seeing that the police didn’t believe a crime has been committed, Kieran takes it upon himself to solve the crime - first by drawing the crime scene and then by asking questions, of Jean and others at the homeless shelter where the dead man often stayed. Things are not much better at home for Kieran, his step father confines him to his room, calls him names and is physically abusive. On his mission to find the truth and solve the murder, Kieran finds himself uncovering family secrets, assisting the police bust up a drug ring and even making a friend.

I love books about kids solving crime. It takes a while to warm up to Kieran but as the story progressed I wondered how the murder would be solved and if there was the possibility for a happy ending for Kieran and his Mum. 

Sharni @ Balwyn Library.

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