Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Booklist! Rainbow Reads

A list featuring same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse teen reads.

Same sex attracted

Cohn, Rachel        Naomi and Ely’s
& Levithan,           no kiss list
                            Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist

Collins, B. R.       Love in revolution

Danforth,             The
Emily M.               miseducation of Cameron Post

Garden, Nancy     Annie on my mind

Green, John         Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Horner, Emily      A love story starring my dead best friend

Horniman,            About a
Joanne                 girl

King, A. S.           Ask the passengers

Konigsberg,         Openly straight
Levithan, David    Two boys kissing
                            Boy meets boy
                            Wide awake
Lo, Malinda          Adaptation
Payne, K. E.         365 days
Peck, Dale            Sprout: or my salad days, when I was green in judgement

Peters,                 It’s our prom (so
Julie Anne            deal with it)

She loves you,
                            she loves you not

Sanchez, Alex      The god box
                            Boyfriends with girlfriends

                            Rainbow boys
                            Rainbow High
                            Rainbow road

Telgemeier,          Drama

Tremayne,            Coda

Wilkinson, Lili      Pink

Sex and gender diverse

Beam, Chris         I am J
Bray, Libba          Beauty queens
Brugman,             Alex as well

Cronn-Mills,         Beautiful music
Kirstin                  for ugly children

Edwards, Hazel    F2M: the boy
& Kennedy,          within

Hyde,                   Jumpstart the
Catherine Ryan    world

Peters,                 Luna
Julie Anne

Some of the titles in this list may be for mature readers.

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