Saturday, October 18, 2014

Booklist! Paranormal Romance

Looking for something a little romantic with a paranormal twist? Then try these titles:

Austen, Jane                Northanger Abbey
Dokey, Cameron           Sunlight and shadow
Bronte, Emily                Wuthering Heights
Fantaskey, Beth            Jessica's guide to dating on the dark side

Jekel loves Hyde
Hale, Shannon              The goose girl
Hartnett, Sonya             The ghost's child
Jenkins, A.M.               Night Road
Jordan, Sherryl             The raging quiet
Klause,                         Blood and
Annette Curtis               chocolate

Lanagan, Margo            Red spikes
Leavitt, Martine             Keturah and Lord Death

Leroux, Gaston             Phantom of the opera

Lynn, Tracy                   Snow
McKinley, Robin           Sunshine
Marillier, Juliet               Wildwood dancing
Marr, Shirley                 Fury
Meyer, Stephenie          The short second life of Bree Tanner

Reeves, Dia                  Bleeding violet
Shelley, Mary                Frankenstein
Smith, Sherwood          Crown duel
Stoker, Bram                Dracula
Summers,                     Never bite a boy on
Tamara                         the first date

Taylor, Laini                  Lips touch: three times

Telep, Trisha                 The eternal kiss: Vampire tales of love and desire

Van Diepen,                 Raven

Westerfeld, Scott          Love is hell
et al

Series …
Black, Holly                  Modern tale of faerie
Caine, Rachel               The Morganville vampires

Cast, P.C.                    House of night
Clare, Cassandra          The mortal instruments

De la Cruz,                   Blue bloods

Fitzpatrick, Becca         Hush, hush
Garcia, Kami &             Beautiful
Stohl, Margaret             creatures

Jones, Carrie                Need
Kate, Lauren                 Fallen
Kizer, Amber                 Meridian
Larbalestier,                  Magic or madness

Livingston, Lesley         Wondrous strange
McMann, Lisa               Wake
Marr, Melissa                Wicked lovely
Mead, Richelle              Vampire Academy
Meadows, Foz              The rare
Meredith, Amy              Dark touch
Noel, Alyson                 The immortals
Pierce,                         The darkangel
Meredith Ann

Pike, Christopher          Thirst
Shan, Darren                The saga of Darren Shan

Smith,                          Tantalize
Cynthia Leitich

St. Crow, Lili                 Strange angels
Stiefvater, Maggie        Books of faerie
Wolves of Mercy Falls

Verday, Jessca             The hollow
Viguie, Debbie              Wolf Springs chronicles

Vincent, Rachel             Soul screamers
Westerfeld, Scott          Peeps

Graphic Novels…
Hino, Matsuri                Vampire knight series

Judal                            Vampire game series

Schreiber, Ellen            Vampire kisses

And watch…
Buffy the vampire slayer (dvd)
Angel (dvd)

Vampire Princess (anime dvd)

What now?

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