Friday, August 15, 2014

Find Me (Find Me, #1) - by Romily Bernard

Wick has problems.

Tessa,  a friend from school, has committed suicide and her diary has turned up, in the middle of the night, on Wick’s door-step with the words ‘Find me’ scrawled on every page.

Wick’s a talented computer hacker. She doesn’t trust her foster parents, is afraid of her criminal mastermind/felon father coming back into Lily and her lives and is very aware of the police keeping an eye on them (since their Dad is a wanted criminal who jumped bail).

Tempted just to ignore the diary, Wick finds herself gradually drawn in as she starts reading, especially when her younger sister, Lily gets mentioned. 

Soon, it’s a race against time with Wick and Lily’s future on the line.

This is an exciting read, all the people in Wick’s life all have their own agendas and working out who has her best interests at heart is not easy. With clues from Tessa’s  diary at the beginning of each chapter, it’s a hard book to put down!

Sharni @ Balwyn Library.

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