Friday, January 17, 2014

Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

The story is told by fifteen year old Standish Treadwell, who is dyslexic. In the repressive Motherland, a surreal blend of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, this is regarded as an impurity and it is only thanks to his friend Hector that Standish escapes the vicious bullying of his teachers and classmates. Standish has no illusions about the horrors of the world he lives in, and instead creates a world in his head, where he and Hector ride around in a sky-blue Cadillac and drink 'croca-colas'. When the Motherland's plan for a moon landing threatens to make life even worse, Standish decides to fight back. This is a thrilling and inspiring story of individual courage. 

Elizabeth @ Kew Library.

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