Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Every breath by Ellie Marney

This book is proving so popular that two staff reviewed it at once!

The murder of homeless man, Dave, seems like a random killing but James Mycroft, with his genius for forensics, isn't sure.  As he and Rachel Watts begin to investigate they uncover something much more sinister. Add to this the fizzing chemistry between them, a large dose of humour, plus nail biting action and you've got a recipe for an engrossing crime thriller.

Rita @ Hawthorn Library.

If you enjoy a bit of Sherlock Holmes style sleuthing but prefer something a bit more local in flavour, then look no further.  Rachel Watts is the country girl moved to Melbourne and still coming to grips with city life.   Mycroft is the boy almost next door with a troubled past and a penchant for mystery solving.  A murder near the zoo brings them closer together but solving it takes them literally into the lion's den.  Worth reading just for the spine-chilling finale in the Melbourne zoo at night!

Katy @ Balwyn Library.

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