Monday, August 18, 2008

About the boys, about the girls, about us all.

If you are reading this post within the first few days of its life, there is a good chance you attended, or at least heard about the About the boys or About the girls sessions at Hawthorn or Kew libraries

Since the big finale is happening tomorrow night (as I write this), we thought it would be great to give you somewhere to come and keep up with the latest in books, reviews and news from libraryland.

One of the great things about the sessions was getting to meet and listen to so many authors and illustrators talk about their work. In case you want to know more about our guests, here are some details.

Paul Collins has written more books than we can list here, including The Jelindel Chronicles, and several of the Quentaris series. He is also the series editor of Quentaris (along with Michael Pryor) and has his own publishing house called Ford Street. You can find out more about Paul Collins at his website.

Catherine Bateson is the author of Being Bee, Painted love letters, Rain May and Captain Daniel and plenty of others. She has been short listed for awards a number of times and has won several of them. She has a website with details of her books and also has a blog.

Dr John Long has been collecting fossils since he was 7 years old and works and works at Museum Victoria. He also writes non fiction books mainly about dinosaurs and fossils. You can read his author profile here.

Gabrielle Wang’s first book was The garden of Empress Cassia. Her latest is The hidden monastry, and a new book in the Aussie Bites series called The lion drummer is due shortly. There are more in between, and you can see them at her website.

Anne Spudvilas is an artist who has illustrated a number of books including The peasant prince by Li Cunxin, and Woolvs in the sitee, by Margaret Wild. She also works as a courtroom artist drawings of suspects and witnesses for the media. Visit Anne’s website to find out more.

Marc McBride is best known as the cover illustrator for the Deltora Quest series. He has illustrated plenty of other books too and recently wrote and illustrated Word of monsters. More about him here.

David Metzenthen is the author of Black water, Boys of blood and bone, and lots more. You can read his author profile at the Penguin website or an interview here.

Carole Wilkinson is best known for her Dragonkeeper and Ramose series’. Dragon moon has just won the Children’s Book Council of Australia award for the Younger Readers category. Her website is here.

Anna Ciddor’s best known books are those in the Viking magic series. She has her own website, and there is also a dedicated Viking magic website.

John Marsden is one of Australia’s best known and most popular authors for young adults, having sold over 2.5 million books in Australia alone. His two most popular series’ are The tomorrow series, and The Ellie chronicles. His website, with details of all his other books is here.

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